Summer Camp 2020

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Wings and Rotors Academy's


This is a 1 Day camp

Date: Wednesday July 8th

Time: 10:00AM to 2:00PM

Ages 7 to 15

Cost $80

Students will participate in a variety of physical and mental hands on challenges guided by Wings and Rotors Academy Instructors.

Activities include:

Building and Launching Model Aircraft from our mock Aircraft Carrier
Piloting a Drone Mission
Flight Simulator lessons
(VR) Virtual Reality Carrier Landings
Flight Fitness Obstacle Courses and Team Relay Races

Participants Receive:

TOP GUN T-Shirt ( Select Size in NOTES)
Wings and Rotors Academy Metal Dog Tag Necklace
Lunch at the "Chow Hall:

Lunch Includes:
Beef Hot Dogs and Buns
Chilli Beans
Fresh Fruit

*Students with food allergies/intolerances permitted to bring a bag lunch.
** We are a drop-off facility.

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