- Admission to the Wings and Rotors Air Museum at French Valley Airport
- An official Wings and Rotors T-Shirt and Lanyard ID (issued upon registration/attendance)
- A commemorative pin at the conclusion of each workshop
- 1:1 flight instruction or 1:5 group instruction with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor
- A homework/work sample that can be used for Science or Math
- Access to our FAA approved Flight Simulator *
- Entry into our monthly Discovery Flight Raffle at every workshop attended
- Interaction and guidance from dozens of aviation career professionals both current and retired
- Opportunity to get up close and personal in a variety of aircraft cockpits*
- Tons of hands on, interactive experiments, leadership building exercises and more...

*varies with workshop

NOTE TO PARENTS: We are a drop off facility. Parents have the option to wait at the French Valley Airport Cafe/ Terminal building nearby. Please pack a snack and water for your student(s)



Date/Time- Wednesday SEPT 5th 9am-11am OR Saturday SEPT 8th 9am-11am

Rotor Time! We’ll be doing an instructional walk through the hangar while diving into the history and airframe of helos. Looking back at some of the earliest models we’ll explore the purposes, successes and failures throughout rotor history, Students will be sitting in the cockpit and at the controls while running flight checks in our own static Robinson R22 helicopters.




Date/Time- Wednesday OCT. 3rd 9am-12pm OR Saturday OCT. 6th 9am-12pm

Calling all Navigators! We’ll be opening up charts and plotting our flying adventures on the air highways. Calculating airspeed, direction and distance we’ll navigate various terrain, zero visibility conditions and practice approaches to airports around the U.S. Then let’s navigate our way home using lines of latitude and longitude while students fly our FAA approved flight simulator.

Uncovering the mystery of Amelia Earhart


Date/Time- Saturday NOV. 3rd 9am-11am OR Wednesday NOV. 7th 9am-11am

How could a record breaking pilot that had navigated the world vanish without a single trace? We will be following Amelia’s flight plan while listening to the last known radio transmissions made by her and her navigator Fred Noonan. Students will have the opportunity to retrace her flight while sitting at the controls of our FAA approved flight simulator. Let’s follow clues and investigate scientific theories while learning the history, life and achievements of one of America's great aviation pioneers. Was it a weather phenomenon, engine failure, abduction or emergency water landing? 



Date/Time- Saturday DEC. 1st 9am-12pm OR Wednesday DEC. 5th 9am-12pm

Let’s get to know some of NASA’s greatest legends… Buzz Aldrin, Neill Armstrong, and more….
This workshop will take students through a simulation of the physical and mental training of space cadets. We’ll tackle obstacle courses and sensory overload activities, G-Force simulation, try actual freeze dried space food, all while developing tactile & fine motor skills in our zero gravity hand submersion tanks.


AERODYNAMICS-The Foundations of Flight


Date/Time- Wednesday JAN. 9th 9am-11am OR Saturday JAN. 12th 9am-11am

Back by popular demand, this is a workshop that will answer the ever lingering question, “What makes an airplane fly?” This is an amended version of our original Aerodynamics class including a variety of hands on and high flying experiments, team building activities with an in-depth look at Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and Bernoulli’s Principles of flight. Students will rotate through experiment stations getting up close and personal with flight controls and gain a deeper understanding of aviation knowledge. This is a great intro to all things aviation!




Date/Time- Wednesday FEB. 13th 9am-11am OR Saturday FEB. 16th 9am-11am

This will be a battle of the flying bots. Students will engage in competitive drone flying to conquer and defeat. Put your skills to the test. Utilizing military flying tactics they will be guided through lessons on some of the latest advances in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. *Students are encouraged and permitted to bring their own drones at their own risk




Date/Time- Saturday MARCH 9th 9am-11am OR Wednesday MARCH 13th 9am-11am

Thousands of planes take-off and land every day. The person directing those flights ISN’T always the pilot. Take a look into the multi-tasking career of air traffic control; where clear and concise communication is essential, and quick mental math and organization can spell success or disaster. Students will use our air traffic simulation to guide airliners on successful flight paths to meet arrival time deadlines, all while adjusting the speed, distance and direction of jets on their very own radar screens.



Date/Time- Wednesday APRIL 3rd 9am-12pm OR Saturday APRIL 6th 9am-12pm

Think you have what it takes to be an airframe mechanic? With the assistance of an FAA certified mechanic this workshop will require students to don flight suits and get to work wrenching, riveting and working with real tools on real planes in our aircraft restoration hangar. We’ll be studying the nuts and bolts of mechanics, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. *Closed toe shoes and additional waiver required.




Date/Time- Wednesday MAY 8th 9am-11am

You can keep your feet on the ground and still be involved in aviation! Aerospace Engineers design and create the state of the art aircraft we see flying every day. While engineers are known for their math skills, a great deal of creativity and artistry come into their designs as well. We’ll be matching and examining blue prints to various aircraft and utilizing streamlining techniques into our designs. Students will be building their very own model airplanes to take home during this workshop, that actually fly!




Private Pilot thru Advanced Pilot Training Rate

$60 Per Hour Simulator
$30 per Hours Instruction

Student Discounted Rate (age 18 years and under)

$60 Per Hour Simulator
$15 Per Hour Instruction

*Block Times must be purchased in a MINIMUM of 1 HOUR but can be used/redeemed in a MINIMUM of 1/2 hour increments per lesson.

What is a Flight Simulator?
A flight simulator is a computer device that electronically simulates and creates a flight training environment in the cockpit of various aircraft through the use of computers, screens and replicated flight control systems.
What type of Flight Simulator is used at Wings and Rotors Academy? We use FlyThisSim FTS TouchTrainer V2.71 Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land. It is an FAA qualified and approved FTS Touch Trainer device as an Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) section 61.4 (c)

Do I need an instructor?
Because of the complex set-up, features, and liability involved in running a flight simulator, a FAA certified Flight Instructor is required for all "initial" training regardless of experience level and at the discretion of the instructor and owners alone.

Can I log my flight training in my pilot log?
Yes. Our FTS TouchTrainer is authorized for use in satisfying the following sections of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations parts 61 and 141.
61.51 (b)(3)
61.57 (c)(3)
61.109 (k)(1)
141.41 (b) Appendix B and C