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    I allow Wings and Rotors Academy and their staff permission to photograph my child as they participate in activities and classes held at Wings and Rotors Museum. I hereby authorize the photos of my child to be used in forms of advertisement, media related ads, newspapers, magazines, albums, and the official Wings and Rotors website.
    POLICIES AND PROCEDURES I have read, reviewed and agree to the Wings and Rotors Academy. At Wings and Rotors academy we are dedicated to the safety of our students and staff. While the majority of our staff are aviation professionals and trained in basic First Aid and CPR we are not unaware of the inherent dangers operating around airplanes, and heavy equipment. Therefore, we ask that you review our policies thoroughly with your child(ren), as we will be doing the same. PICK UP AND DROP OFF POLICY All students (regardless of age) are required to be physically signed in and signed out inside the building at our front desk. There will be NO curbside pickup. Identification will be required for parents/guardians prior to release of children. We understand that this is not always convenient, but this is for the safety of your children, our staff, and the security of the airport. REGISTRATION/PAYMENT Registration MUST be completed and payments made in full prior to class day. We accept cash OR check, on registration days and VISA or MASTERCARD on our website Check our website for upcoming class dates/times and meet and greets. There will be no walk‐ins or same day sign ups. We are an academy and have limited spots reserved. Please register early. EARLY AND LATE DROP OFF/ PICK UP Wings and Rotors Museum doors will open on academy days 15 minutes prior to class start. Please DO NOT drop your child(ren) off outside our building. We ask that you promptly pick up your child(ren) at the conclusion of workshops. You are welcome to arrive 10‐15 minutes early for pickup and observe all the fun things your child(ren) will be learning and take pictures! However, if you are running late, please notify our staff via phone. We understand “things happen” and extend a 10‐15 minute “grace period.” Unfortunately, AFTER 15 minutes, if you have not arrived we will begin charging $5 every 10 minutes/per child. CLASS CANCELLATIONS/ REFUNDS At Wings and Rotors Academy we keep our student to staff ratios 1:5 or 1:6 respectively to offer each student the individual attention they deserve. That said, we reserve the right to cancel any class once they have reached capacity or not. In the rare event a class is rescheduled /cancelled you will receive advanced notice via phone/text/email and a FULL refund, if payment has already been transacted. WITHDRAWL/MAKEUP POLICY We DO NOT offer Makeup classes. If your child needs to be rescheduled due to illness, family emergency, etc. please contact our staff asap for arrangements. We require a minimum 3 ‐day notification for cancellations due to high demand wait lists. We reserve the right to charge 100% of class tuition for no shows. BEHAVIOR/ACADEMICS STEM classes are rarely quiet or neat. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact! However, Character counts! We consider it a privilege to host our academy at the Wings and Rotors Air Museum and we hope your child(ren) feel(s) and treat it the same. We have a simple “3 Strikes You’re Out” policy. Any student found to be continually disruptive, rude and/or not abiding by museum policies will be given a 1st and 2nd verbal warning by staff, 3rd parents will be notified to pick up student(s). No exceptions. *Optional Work Samples and Homework follow up lessons will be posted to the website within 24 hours of the class concluding. Lessons will pertain to subjects covered that day and may be eligible for Science, Math and/or History work credit. Check with your school or teacher facilitator. ATTIRE/LUNCH BREAKS Please ensure your child is dressed accordingly. Closed toe shoes are required while working in the hangar. Students are given a 5minute break between stations and a 25 min lunch. Please provide a lunch and beverage for your child. We are a nut free facility. *Upon registration, your child will be issued an official Wings and Rotors Academy T-shirt. After successful completion of each class, a corresponding lapel pin will be awarded. If your student needs a replacement, pins are avail for $3 and T-shirts for $10. See Front Desk RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT I acknowledge that my child, and I are voluntarily participating at our own free will in the activities and events at Wings and Rotors Academy LLC located at the Wings and Rotors Air Museum at French Valley Airport, 37350 Sky Canyon Rd. Hangar 7, Murrieta, CA. 92563. I am aware, informed and recognize the inherent dangers of allowing myself and my child to be present and participate in classes held at a facility as such. I hereby authorize and grant my exclusive permission to Wings and Rotors Academy LLC, their staff, directors, agents and designated volunteers to assume the role of acting agent on my behalf for the child listed below in the event of an emergency, fire, earthquake, incident, accident, injury and/or any event where life and/or limb are threatened and/or require emergency assistance only during the duration of workshops and participant is in academy care. I agree to pay all costs associated with the medical care and or transportation of the participant.
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  • I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wings and Rotors Academy LLC, their owners, staff, volunteers, participants, designated guests, directors, agents, as well as the Wings and Rotors Air Museum, and their owners and staff from any seen or unforeseen expenses, damages, injury or losses during involvement in Wings and Rotors Academy LLC activities and/or affiliated activities.