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What is a Flight Simulator?
A flight simulator is a computer device that electronically simulates and creates a flight training environment in the cockpit of various aircraft through the use of computers, screens and replicated flight control systems.
What type of Flight Simulator is used at Wings and Rotors Academy? We use FlyThisSim FTS TouchTrainer V2.71 Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land. It is an FAA qualified and approved FTS Touch Trainer device as an Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) section 61.4 (c)

Do I need an instructor?
Because of the complex set-up, features, and liability involved in running a flight simulator, a FAA certified Flight Instructor is required for all "initial" training regardless of experience level and at the discretion of the instructor and owners alone.

Can I log my flight training in my pilot log?
Yes. Our FTS TouchTrainer is authorized for use in satisfying the following sections of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations parts 61 and 141.
61.51 (b)(3)
61.57 (c)(3)
61.109 (k)(1)
141.41 (b) Appendix B and C

Private Pilot thru Advanced Pilot Training Rate

$60 Per Hour Simulator
$30 per Hours Instruction

Student Discounted Rate (age 18 years and under)

$60 Per Hour Simulator
$15 Per Hour Instruction

*Block Times must be purchased in a MINIMUM of 1 HOUR but can be used/redeemed in a MINIMUM of 1/2 hour increments per lesson.




It’s time to fly! Buckle up and prepare for takeoff as we embark on the pre-solo phase of flight training. Our student pilots will learn the objectives of ground reference maneuvers such as Turns Around a Point and S- Turns, properly run a checklist, taxing basics and flying a traffic pattern entry and departure legs. With an FAA Certified Flight Instructor by their side each student will apply their knowledge at the controls of a full- size Flight Simulator. COST: $ 85



You asked for it, and we heard you! Join us for Drone School, as we take a comprehensive look at a variety of drones and the corresponding career paths involved with being a qualified
UAS drone pilot. Full of hand eye coordinated flying, surveillance, obstacle departure and arrivals, this workshop will integrate mock scenario based situations where job skills requires drone technology. Taught by FAA certified UAS Drone pilots PART107 and Certified Flight Instructors.
COST: $50


Airframe Mechanics

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get dirty! Students will be gearing up and donning flight suits for this wrench turning workshop. Airplanes can’t fly if they aren’t maintained properly, so we will be studying the nuts and bolts of aerodynamic maintenance under the supervision of professional mechanics currently working in our restoration hangar. Hands on experience will be gained in understanding the importance of properly performing and documenting required vs. preventative maintenance with everything from oil to tire changes. Cost $75




In 1825 an inventor/artist named Samuel Morse forever changed communication by his invention of the single-wire telegraph. As aviation has progressed into populated areas, communication is key in the success and safety of thousands of flights flown every single day. Students will build a simple circuit replica of his original telegraph, and be immersed into the language and fluency of Morse Code, Alexander Bell and more. Learn how the use of High and Low Frequency Directional Beacons help aircraft navigate the globe, while being introduced to HAM radio operations. *Additionally, your child will be in for a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt, as they unlock clues in Morse Code.

COST: $45



Since the birth of aviation, aviators around the world have found unique and innovative ways to serve the communities around them and to help those in need. With the advances in technology, pilots have developed and enhanced the ability to reach even the most uninhabited parts of the world THROUGH aviation. This workshop will be offered as a 2 hour mini-course only and will be open for ages 5-14 years. Students will learn and recreate the science behind “air drop” packages studying the parabolic paths of inertia on projectiles and lift/drag ratios all while simulating one of the most famous air drops in aviation history! You child will also be in for a treat when our “VIP” visitor flies in for a holiday surprise visit! We will be spotlighting representatives from local aviation organizations that are currently serving our communities and around the world. This is an event you don't want to miss! Cost-$45