Welcome to Wings and Rotors Academy located at French Valley airport in Murrieta, CA.  We offer monthly aviation workshops for youth ages 7-17 with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  We are a group of aviation professionals who love what we do and want to impart our knowledge and experience to the next generation. Each month we spotlight a particular career field or aviation specialty, desiring to introduce children to the full spectrum of aviation careers available. We understand that each child is unique and learns differently; that's why our workshops offer a variety of hands on application skills, lectures, interviews and highly visual experiments that allows students to learn in an engaging environment with real life professionals.


To EDUCATE, EQUIP and CREATE pathways for youth in aviation related career fields by overcoming barriers, and cutting the “red tape,” allowing hands on access to aviation.

EDUCATE- To invite youth to explore, experiment, ask questions and be a part of a community of professionals in aviation. To instill a love for learning and hopefully ...a love for flight.

EQUIP- To let no obstacle stand in the way of achieving a dream. To inspire, encourage and direct the paths of youth interested in aviation careers.

CREATE- To create a generation of positive problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and STEM pioneers.